Client: Tire Calligraphy

About the client

An urban apparel brand originated in Zagreb, Croatia, oriented globally.

About the project

Introducing Tire Calligraphy as a new streetwear brand to the general public and potential new customers in Zagreb, Croatia. Joining forces with the best sneaker boutique in Croatia – NOSS (now approved!). 

Concept / Project management

The idea behind the event was to present Tire Calligraphy to it's main audience, that being "street kids" - no better way to do it, but to join forces with, back then, the heart and source for Zagrebs' streetstyle - NOSS streetwear boutique, a shop unique for its offer and events created for the communitiy, in the entire Croatia.

But to make it with a twist, becasue this is how Tire Calligraphy roles, attention to details is revealed in the eye of the beholder only with the second or third look - this is the way TC creates its designs, this is the way clothing items are architected, and finally this was the only appropriate way to execute the event. Let me explain it more precisely, the clothing items available were displayed not only on a clothing rack, now specific and recognizable to TC fans, to blend in as a natural element of the store itself, but specific items were singled out and displayed as a museum / art exhibition artifacts, on high postaments, with the inspiration artifacts beside them - that being, the now much loved and recognizable Moth (from the Polo Deathmoth series), Heart (from the Licitar series) and a Fish - presenting the upcoming Summer 2018/19 collection.

Event planning  / Event execution

Marketing / PR

STATUS: Delivered