Client: approved! Shop

About the client

Streetwear shops located in Zagreb and Split, Croatia.

About the project

A photo shoot for the Tire Calligraphy 2021 collections, available in approved! shop retail locations in Zagreb and Split and online.

Creative direction / Concept / Storytelling

The goal of the campaign was to introduce the latest TC collections to customers of approved!, which are mostly young people involved in one way or another in the street culture, being it, now again popular skateboarding, bikes and audio-visual arts.

Referencing the 90s skate culture from the logical sources such as film and music, as an inspiration for the photo shoot, I singled out two, first being the now iconic Kids movie from 1995. and music from the US "rock" band Deftones, also making moves in the early nineties in the aforementioned US skate scene. Both of which influenced my own interests in these communities and the culture around them.

Model scouting / Model styling

As both Tire Calligraphy 2021 collections and offering in general are neutral-gender, this was the main direction for the styling of the models, them of course being of both gender. The idea was to switch the "roles", more precisely, the styles of the same clothing pieces - the girl wearing them oversized, for a baggy look, which in the 90s was predominatly a male "uniform"; and the guy wearing them as an alternative, true to size.

STATUS: Delivered